The vision of the International prayer conference is born out of God’s mandate.  " I send you among others to pave way for revival to come. Subsequent guidance of the Holy Spirit " the revival coming will be through women “. As women have a natural womb so God will give them a spiritual womb to give birth to this revival in prayers. Just as Hannah prayed God gave her more than a Son, a Judge, a Priest, and a Prophet that brought national awakening in Israel. Elizabeth prayed God gave her more than a son, a Voice in the wilderness that prepared the way of the Lord. Anna Prayed and she became one of the first to prophesy of the mission and glory of Christ at his birth. God will use women to give birth to this revival. We believe as our women pray, visions, dreams, ministries, long-awaited promises in our life’s and that of our partners, sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, leaders for mighty harvest, church growth, kingdom strategies for economic empowerments will be released. Our children shall not be left out, as God’s promises reassure us, " your childrens (men and women) shall carry the flames of revival to third and fourth generations “. The Vision has given birth to the stratagem of the Annual International Prayer Conference with the aim of mobilizing the body of Christ in prayers for revival and spiritual warfare, contending for our cities and Nations. Having the promise as men and women pray God will bring in the greatest end-time harvest of the nations into the  Kingdom of God (1Tim2:8-9). There is coming a move of God upon the planet earth that will even affect greater technological advancement, is already happening, every generation is responsible to believe God for their own Pentecost Acts 1:13-15; 2:1-4.  Educational institutions, developments, and city transformations will be actualized. God has promised us one million souls, Divine Partners, workers, Pastors, Evangelists, Decree, 50 acres of land, and children. We are seeing pockets of fulfillment but greater things are coming. International prayer conference carries the vision and passion for spiritual warfare to dethrone strongholds, possess our inheritance, the development of potentials, leadership skills, equipping of ministers, and quality training. International Prayer Conference partner and network with similar organizations both locally and internationally for Global outreach, fellowship, supports, and mutual accountability to catalyze and maximize talents and giftings to fulfill destinies in Christ, expand the Kingdom of God, grow our churches and the body of Christ.