Voice of Victory is the multimedia arm of Gods Covenant Church International that uses Television, Radio broadcast and social media networks for local and international outreach. Voice of Victory is presently in partnership with several media outlets to reaches millions in Africa and other continents. Multimedia concerns all media, that is to say medium, technical and support mass dissemination of information through one channel: internet, radio, television, the press or other new media. The vision of the church in relation to its multimedia is in the short and medium term to establish and master all of the internal dissemination tools it has (dissemination on internal screen, audio recording of messages and teachings, camera, device photos…) and in the long term open a world famous television channel.

Multimedia is structured as follows: A general manager, a supervisor or coordinator, Pole leaders (in each branch of the church), a permanent and mobile technical team (cameramen, graphic designers, editors, journalists, etc.), counselors