In the sixties shortly after Nigerian independence, the nation was engulfed in political crises leading to a civil war. Amidst this crisis a son was born to the family of chief E.M. Brown called Kenneth Nwokedi Brown in the Portharcourt Rivers State of Nigeria. While the war rages and everyone fleeing for their life’s the little boy was abandoned by his maid but God miraculously preserved him, his father returned later to rescue him, underscoring the divine purpose for his life.

However the family was steeped in animistic, ancestral, and occult practices, the father being the chief priest of their kingdom, but Kenneth again was mysteriously preserved from idolatrous meals intended to initiate him and the immoralities found in polygamous homes. Regularly in the dream, he received instruction to read chapters and verses of the book of Jeremiah to the point one of his Sisters jokingly commented perhaps you will become Prophet Jeremiah not knowing it was indeed a divine calling.

In 1979 -82 at the end of his primary education, he was separated from his father to further his college education in former Government Technical College Awka, in Anambra state but twice failure in the previous colleges before GTC brought threats of explosion from the schools leading to seeking Divine help and subsequent joining of the Anglican church where he was baptized. In GTC, he joined the Christian union and having received a copy of the Gideon New Testament through which he learned to read the scripture leading to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, total surrender to Christ, and later the integration into Pentecostalism under the ministry of the late American missionary Geroge R Brunk.

However, this commitment and consecration resulted in the cold war in the family for several years resulting in rejection and denial to study in London except he recants Christ. His suffering led to fending for himself through fishing, hunting while still actively engaged in itinerant ministry but did not cease to love and pray for his family especially his father steeped in witchcraft. It is at this period the Holy Spirit began to move in an amazing way first the Baptism in the Spirit with other tongues and healing gifts. Second increased hunger for God leading to intense prayers in which he spent one night speaking in other tongues and the Lord appeared to him, after which the ministry of deliverance, healing, and miracles began to manifest through him. These resulted in ministry opportunities in schools, colleges, universities, churches, and villages.

In 1986 Kenneth got a Job in NNPC but God ask him to rather go to the Theological Seminary to prepare for ministry, it was a tough decision for one having no regular income and without any support. He prayed for a sign if it was God He should confirm with the divine provision, the next day God provided a sponsor. At the end of his seminary education at Trinity College of Ministerial Arts Nigeria graduating with BTH during the thanksgiving celebration the unthinkable happened to his father. He surrendered to Christ, this was historic as he was not only the priest of Reumueme Kingdom of Ikwerre land in the Rivers State of Nigeria, He was also the custodian of the tradition and culture of the kingdom as well. His conversion brought city transformation as families, communities, and leaders began to troop into the Churches in the land, and it also confirmed the call of God in the life of Kenneth N Brown.

Kenneth is a pioneer and bi-vocational minister by Calling and has served as an itinerant evangelist in several educational institutions, villages, cities, and states of Nigeria while a student, farmer, auto mechanic apprentice, and cabinet maker. During this evangelistic career, he co-founded Reumueme born again evangelistic association that later merged with the movement of Ikwerre born again of Rivers state, Nigeria. He is one of the foremost ministers of the Ikwerre kingdom of Nigeria. Kenneth from 1987 to 1990 while pursuing a theological education pastored churches in several states of Nigeria. During this pastoral career, he co-founded Faith Theological Seminary Isouchi, Nigeria.

In 1990 completing and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in theology he got married to Bernadette and both became a missionary to the Cameroons for 24 years, where they founded God’s Covenant Church Int that has spread across different Nations with satellite Churches. They founded Healing for the Nations Evangelistic Association, Voice of Victory Radio, Covenant Publication house, Feed the poor program (ONG), Faith Clinic- a medical center (with visions for medical Mission outreach to rural areas and cities with the less privileged). A Yaounde Prayer Mountain that has just acquired land and making construction plans. They also Co-founded Alpha and Omega Theological Institute with a filial in Douala, Yaoundé-Cameroon, and PH, Nigeria, and taught for 19 years.

Kenneth Co-founded Coordination of Pentecostal and Revived Churches of Cameroon, as an executive member he served as the treasurer. CPEC merged to become the Fellowship of Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches of Cameroon uniting all Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches of Cameroon that comprises hundreds of denominations with thousands of satellite Churches where he is a board member and advisor. Kenneth also co-founded Faith International Ministerial Alliance headquartered in Indiana, USA with chapters in four Continents: A global partnership and networking of friendly Churches and Ministries to promote global evangelism/missions, church planting, education, fellowship, regional and global ministerial exposure/exchange, as well as accountability and Ministerial licensing and ordination. FIMA has partnerships with other global networks as well.

 KENNETH NWOKEDI BROWN is presently a missionary to Europe where he is conducting Church planting in Belgium and France while continuing his theological education. He has obtained two Masters, one at CTS in Science of Pentecostal and Evangelical Studies. The other at KULeuven, a research Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion. He is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program at ETF Leuven. He is a visiting professor at NY; for innovation, global theology, and Ministry FL. He has authored, edited, or contributed to many publications; served in several peer-reviewed journals and practitioner publications. He is a Christian educator, coach, mentor, and counselor. Campaign and conference speaker across Africa, Europe, and the US. Kenneth has received several awards and recognition internationally.