God’s Covenant Church International is a multicultural Church. God intends His church to be a multinational body with different ethnicities, cultural and racial expressions as inferred in the use of the biological imagery in Romans 12: 4-5 for the Church of God. Such an intentional vision is imperative in the face of post-modern challenges and the problems within multinational cities of the world. Hence, “without (this) intentional vision to start and sustain a church culture that welcomes, accepts, respects and values people from various colors, classes, and cultures, the natural environment-racial exclusivity-would is not conducive to the burgeoning of multiculturalism (multinationals).” The failures of and barriers within contemporary churches in proffering solutions to challenges of multinational cities is due in part to the lack of this vision. Hence their rigid structures and orientations ignore the burgeoning multinational populations in major cities of the world. Moreover, the slothful recognition of the leading voices of the Global South as equal partners, and the struggles in networking the diversities found within the Christian community as a whole, underscore this lack of vision.
The church today is being challenged as perhaps never before by the mobility of human beings worldwide. Might there be a need for one or more new models of what it means to be a church in the major cities of the world? If so, what shape should such a model take? How will it be clearly rooted in biblical theology in a manner that is Christologically, missiologically, and ecclesiologically sound while being highly engaged and relevant to contemporary situations and challenges? The deficiencies in current approaches among church models to address contemporary situations and challenges within multinational cities are due to their weaknesses and inadequacies to tackle issues arising from diversities. It has been suggested that “the twenty-first century Church comprises a multinational body, the grand diversity of this body, gifted and empowered by the Holy Spirit, portends great things for the future.” I, therefore think that a multinational church model could be a novel and powerful solution to the problems within our multinational cities, based on a series of biblical-theological, Christological, ecclesiological, and missiological reflections, and could be established in a manner that fully reflects these considerations.                       
God’s Covenant Church International is a multicultural Church with a vision of soul winning and salvation for the nations. Global Revival through healing, deliverance, and a quality theological education for the next generation of ministers. Along with other strategies for Church planting, it engages modern technology and social media networks to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church hosts humanitarian activities and medical missions outreach for the less privileged in developing nations and communities. The Church is engaged in regional and international programs for discipleship and equipping of the saints for the end-time harvest and preparation for eternity with God. The Church’s presence is now in three continents and its satellite churches are spread across Cameroon, Nigeria, Belgium, and France.