Alpha and Omega Theological Institute is an interfaith Christ-centered school whose curriculum follows the courses required for ministerial credentials. Its certificate programs can be completed one year for a Certificate in the international school of ministry, two years for a diploma or associate degree in theology, and three years for a bachelor in applied theology. The Alpha and Omega Theological Institute is an extraordinary school training an army of saints and ministers to invade the kingdom of darkness with the light of the gospel knowledge. A comprehensive quality theological education with Academic and spiritual emphasis. An important fact of A.O.T.I Curriculum is “Christ in the School of Healing with a focus for spiritual revival and the Annual International School of Ministry with the graduation ceremony of the school.”


Contemporary Christianity assumes many faces as a result of rigidity, traditionalism, ritualism, formalism, and reductionistic Christianity to only a metaphysical reality. This has destroyed the efforts of past generations accomplished through revelation knowledge. The result is a present civilization without divine direction, which is being enslaved in sin, corrupted, and dominated by satanic forces.

The revelation knowledge is the lifestream of Pneumatic-Christianity. God is restoring these truths to Ministries, Churches, and theological institutes as AOTI who have had true break-through in the Christ-life message.


Alpha and Omega Theological Institute calendar is organized into three basic schools. International School of Ministry for a six-month to a one-year certificate program, Diploma or associate degree in theology for a two-year program, and a bachelor's degree in applied theology for a three-year program.

Holidays include midterm break, long vacation, and other short breaks as Christmas, Easters, and study breaks. The basic curriculum is fulfilled in semesters for the school of ministry, Diploma in Ministerial Arts, and bachelors in applied theology. Class schedules conform to a full-time and part-time pattern. This provides opportunities for students’ involvement and workers of all professions.

An important facet of the AOTI Curriculum is the Annual International School of Ministry with the graduation ceremony at the end of the academic year and monthly With Christ in the School of Healing. Students are exposed to an in-depth challenge for dedication to lifelong service to the Lord. Speakers also provide insights into the religious, cultural, social, and economic patterns of various parts of the world.

Accommodation: Students applying for admission will be required to rent rooms, studios, and apartments as the case may apply except own their houses from where they attend school.  


1. All applicants will be in sympathy with the statement of faith contained in this catalog.

2.  Education need not provide an obstacle for admission to Alpha and Omega Theological Institute. However, for those wishing to take courses in Bachelors for applied theology a minimum standard qualification of General Certificates of Education or it's equivalent to assist the student in the classroom work, otherwise, the student must complete courses in the school of ministry and diploma in theology before acceptance into a bachelors program. The ministerial experience will be considered.

3. Admission is granted without regard to race, ethnicity, or gender to all applicants who meet AOTI admission requirements.


The ALPHA & OMEGA THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE is an extraordinary school training an army to invade the powers of darkness. The school is fundamentally Biblical based. Its aims may be summarized as follows. To Afford a deep experience for those called into ministry Mk 3:14. Enable them to reach all creatures Mk 16:15-20. To enable them to engage apologetically in defending the faith 1Pet 3:15; Tit 2:1; Jude 3. Enable them to proclaim the Gospel with signs and establish churches in the power of the Holy Spirit. Mk 16:20; 1Cor 2:4. Enable them to stand approved of God. Interpreting the scripture and without shame in their service. 2Tim 2:15. Enable them to attain in the full stature of Christ and function in proper order in the Body of Christ Eph 4: 11-16. Enable them to raise able men and love the Lord with all their hearts and mind.  2Tim 2:22; Mat 22:27Manifest the gifts and fruits of the Spirit and be ready for the rapture. 1Cor 17:7-11; Gal 5:22-23; Eph5:25-27; 1Cor 11:2; Rev 19:21:2.


We believe in the infallibility of the Bible as the absolute authority for faith hand practice. We believe in God eternally existing in their distinct persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. We believe that Jesus Christ born of the Virgin, crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended unto the father where he was glorified. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ gave his life as a sacrifice and by shedding his blood, cleansed us from our sins. In Him, we are justified and reconciled by this death. The saving life of Jesus Christ transformed each believer in Christ, giving him a new nature that is to be fed and developed by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 5:10) Christ's position now in heaven as our High Priest.  We believe in the judgment of Christ for all believers, and the great white throne judgment of sinners, and the coming new heaven and new earth. The statement of fundamental truths is intended to simply act as a basis of fellowship.

The ALPHA & OMEGA THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE teaching staff comprises a multidisciplinary faculty of both local and international visiting professors. The student body of AOTI too, is international cutting across Africa and the World, Students seeking admission may contact Administrative Office and register in person or telephone Tél. Cameroon +237 699 829 745 / 677 869 509 / 699 515 141; Nigeria +234 9093378407;Belgium +32466332630 or email:;




Thesis writing, Apocalypse, Greek, History & Christian Philosophy. SystematicTheology, Pedagogy, Hermeneutics, Communication, Christian Ethics,  Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Epistle, Counselling 1&2, Study on John 2, Essential Biblical Hebrew, Philosophy of Religion.

Music, Christology, Pneumatology, Romans, 1& 2 Corinthians, Genesis, World Religion,  Spiritual Leadership Development, Apologetic. Contemporary  Pentecostal/Charismatic Renewal Theology II, Pentateuch, Social psychology & Group Dynamism.  

Typology, Introduction to Legal Studies,  Youth & Child Evangelism, The Advent & Expansion of Christianity in West Africa, Church Administration, Church Accounting, History and the Doctrine of the Early Church, Pneumatology & Soteriology.


  Life of Christ,  Practical Theology, Evangelism (1& 2), Acts & NT Church, Management  (Business Perspectives), Customs & Bible Manners, Human Relations, History of Education, French – English (Part 1), Computer skill (Part 1),  How to hear God,  Strategies of Church Planting, Music (Part 1), Ministerial Counselling, Homiletics 1, Teaching Technics,  Practical Ministry, Child, and Youth Evangelism, Church growth strategies 1.


Homiletics 2, Christian Education, Pauline Epistles, Four  Gospel, Church History, Christian Ethics, General Epistles, Hermeneutics, Doctrine (1, 2 et 3), Cross-cultural Missions, Ministerial Ethics, Daniel & Révélation, Practical Evangelism,  French – English (Part 2), Music (Part 2), Computer skill (Part 2), Theology II, Church Growth Strategies 2, introduction to Psychology, Pentecostal/Charismatic Renewal Theology I, Angelology, Hematology 2, Demonology.