God’s mandate and vision on my life actually began between 83 to 85 when “he said unto me, thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations, and tongues and kings Rev 10:11. And when your father and mother shall forsake you I will take care of you Ps 25:10.” Which was actually fulfilled before the conversion of my parents. Then he called me to be an evangelist to “Train people to invade Demons,” while in Bachelor training for theology and ministry he gave me Healing for the nations as an evangelistic arm of the Church with different evangelistic strategies to gather the harvest. At the end of my ministerial training and ordination, he said to me “I sent you among others to pave the way for the revival to come, I shall use you in evangelistic thrust throughout the coastal areas of Africa and later he extended it to the world, and is not limited to myself but will be using my children as well throughout the coastal areas of Africa. After my marriage and a little over two years of pastoral ministry, Discontented I left for missions to Cameroon with the instruction that I will be traveling most of the time. And in 1992 while in evangelistic campaigns he gave me the mandate “Upon this rock, I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matt 16:18); get it rooted in your spirit it is the foundation of this ministry.” Thus, is the birth of God’s Covenant Church Intl an Apostolic work as he insisted to me to plant Churches. The Church has the vision and mission for power evangelism, multicultural Church planting, multimedia outreaches, theological education, humanitarian and faith clinic for medical mission outreach while equipping the saints for spiritual warfare to pave the way for end-time global revival and harvest of nations for eternity with God. God has promised a global spiritual revival and scientific breakthroughs in technologies which already is happening. Our children will carry flames of revival that will spread throughout the coastal areas of Africa beginning from Zimbabwe, Malawi, as well as Europe, America, Russia, China, and the North of India. This revival flame cut across third and fourth generations and the Church will be known around the world. The Vision and mission have the goal:

1- To prepare souls for heaven

2- To evangelize and disciple 1million souls

3- To Plant multicultural churches with a minimum of 250 membership per community

4- To train leaders for the next generation by building men that would build the ministry  

5- To train and equip saints for spiritual warfare

6- To feed, care and provide skills through specialized training for the less privileged

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