Apostle Kenneth Nwokedi and Prophetess Bernadette BROWN are founders of GOD’S COVENANT CHURCH INTERNATIONAL which oversees satelites churches in Cameroon, Nigeria, Belgium and France and have equally pioneered Bible colleges in Cameroon and Nigeria. Apostle Kenneth Brown is an author, preaches in  Television and has a weekly Radio broadcast that reaches millions in Douala and speaks in Crusades, conferences,seminars and churches around the world. They have been in active Christian service for over three Decades.Born into an Demonic infested home which his father was the juju priest of their kingdom,a witch doctor,Worshipped Marine Spirits,and was in Divers Occultism but saved by the Lord Jesus christ and use by God to save his family, open the heavens over their kingdom,visited by the Lord and  commissioned by God to take the deliverance message to the world.



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