Text Heb. 1:7,14

Angels has been considered by some as myths while others as mystified beings wielding mysterious power and influence over our lives.
Moreover there has been much teaching devoted to demons than the ministry of Angels today that Probably the average christian knows and fears demon than they understand the reality of Angelic ministries. However the ministry of Angels is one of the mightiest themes of Scripture, their origin, nature, characteristics, ranks, and activities without ignoring the fact that demons today were once angels, 2pet.2:4

The Origin of Angels
There has been various tales on the origin of Angels since ancient times depending on the culture of the people but only the scripture gives a truthful account of Angels. Angels are Spirit beings created by God and are personalities with intelligence, emotions and will. The wield different degrees of authority, influence, and power depending on their hieriarchy or ranks. Col. 1:16,

The word Angels means messengers, Angels are servants of God. Angels though some times assum human forms to reveal themselves to men but do not have human body though possess spiritual bodies. Hence each body is made to exist in a particular environment 1Corin. 15, Some have wings while others do not have wings. Angels are Holy, mighty, powerful, with superhuman intelligence and wisdom but are limited hence creatures and function under delegated authority. 2pet. 2:11; 1pet.1:12. After the period of trial that saw the fall of some angels the ones that remain loyal to God are referred as Elect Angels 1Tim.5:21.

Different Categories of Angels
Seraphim Isa.6:1-8
Cherubim. Gen.3:24
Thrones. Col.1:16
Dominion or Lordships. Eph.1:21
Powers or Strongholds Col.1:16.
Authorities . Eph.3:10
Principalities or Rulers Eph.3:10
Archangels 1Thess.4:16
Guardian Angels. Matt.18:2

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